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Prolix Total Gun Care Products
biodegradeable, non-petroleum based solvent/lubricant for firearms
Dry Lube Technology

Other uses of PrOlix® lubricants

Other uses of PrOlix® products:
Antique (including "Old World") clocks (moving parts, wood)
Racing bike chains
Knives (blades, pins, wood handles)
Vehicle door locks and hinges
Residential/commercial door locks and hinges
Lawn and garden equipment (such as clippers, shears)
Musical instruments such as vibraphones

PrOlix #101 XTRA-T LUBE car door lock

PrOlix #108 8 oz. PC applicator vibraphone bar

PrOlix #108 8 oz. with PS spray applicator wheel cannister

Four products in the PrOlix product line stand tall in the summer heat

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PrOlix 4oz PC applicator